Artist Registration

Here's Bowen Arts! Tour is committed to introducing your works to the Community and Visitors in a new way. We will group Artists (2 - 4) per Art Studio or Hub throughout the island. Only Artists Studios that can accommodate a minimum of 2 or 3 Artists will be considered.

To qualify Artist must live on Bowen Island, full or part time.

The Art Tour committee will come to visit your studio to see if it qualifies (must have parking, safe (easy to walk) and be large enough to host 2 to 3 Artists either inside the building or in the Garden). If you do not have a studio that fits the guidelines then we will match you with another artist studio or place you in an Artist Hub (at one of our local businesses - eg Cidery, homes that have been offered, Mid Island Halls, etc).

The Goal is to create a grouping of a variety of artists (Jewellery, Literary, Paintings, & Sculpture etc).
Each Art Hub/ Art Studio should plan demos & be interactive.
There will also be 6 Performances (Musical or Literary Planned in the 2 days)

Registration is a 2 Step Process and Payment must be paid in advance. Early Registration for individual artists is $100 (plus tax) before Nov 1, 2023. Late Registration Nov 2 to Feb 15, 2024 is $125 (plus tax).

Art group $150 Early Registration
$200 after Nov 2

Gallery $200 Early Registration
$250 after Nov 2

Registrations after Feb 15, 2024 will be accepted if there is room but the artist may not show up in the marketing materials.

Please Plan 20 minutes to complete registration.
STEP 1: Complete and submit the form below.
STEP 2: Submit the registration fee (instructions provided after form submission)