2024 Bowen Tour Navigation

How to Tour!
Join us for the May 25 & 26, 2024 Event.
Its a FREE 2 day self guided Tour - 11am to 4pm
Here are some Tips on How to Tour!

1. ARRIVE/WAKE UP EARLY on Bowen Island. Bring your Sun Hat and Water to stay hydrated.
Enjoy breakfast at Tippy's, The Snug, Branch, Tell Your Friends, Village Baker or Artisan Eats.

2. BE SURE TO BRING YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY! The more in your car the merrier.
There is something for everyone!
Paintings, Jewellery, Ceramics, Woodworking, Sculpture, Music, Dance, & Spoken Word.

3. PICK UP a HERE'S BOWEN ARTS TOUR GUIDE BOOK - available during the Tour at each Art Studio/Hub, & soon on the Ferry, at Bowen Tourism and at the Hearth Gallery. Alternatively, use the online Map and Brochure on your Cell phone! Bowenartstour.com

4. PLAN YOUR TOUR- Check out the Map online( or in the Tour Guide), the Art Hubs/Studios page
& the Artists Pages to see what intrigues you!
ps - Don't miss the Schedule of Events listed in the Tour Guide.
Watch a performance, see art being created, listen to poetry, and more!
pss... Don't miss the Residential Art Hubs. These Hubs have Exceptional Artists and Exceptional Views!

5. Bowen is a small Island.
IF YOU ARE DRIVING- you can get from one side to the other in 10 -15 minutes,
so be sure to check out Art Studios on the West Side, East Side, and In Snug Cove!
You can get from Art Hub 1 to Art Hub 16 in 20 minutes
IF YOU ARE WALKING , there are 9 Hubs in and around Snug Cove.
Chat with the folks at Tourism Bowen located next to the Hearth Gallery.
Busses (Translink) run with the ferry times, so you can catch them hourly.
they will take you near many of the Art Hubs. Such as Bowen Cider House and Colins Hall.

Parking - please be mindful about where you park
- All Art Studios and Hubs will have marked designated parking.

7. Enjoy a lunch at The Shed (Bowen Golf Art Hub 1) or
Bowen Cider House (Art Hub 9) or one of the many restaurants in Snug Cove.

8. In the afternoon, enjoy an ART DEMONSTRATION, MUSICAL,

check out the Schedule of Events online and listed in this Tour guide.

9. After the Tour Day (11 am to 4pm) enjoy a supper
at one of our amazing, local Restaurants including
The Bowen Pub, Tuscany, Bowen Golf - The Shed, Barcelona, Doc Morgans, Bowen Sushi and more! Or pick up supper at Alderwood Farms or the Ruddy Deli and bring it home!

10. Spend the night at an amazing Bed & Breakfast or Short Term Rental and do it all again on Sunday! Check out tourismbowenisland.com for Accommodations